Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Seedy Saturday Season!

You know it's spring for sure when communities begin gathering for Seedy Saturdays! For the uninitiated, Seedy Saturdays are community events for trading seeds, sharing knowledge and sometimes hearing some good gardening speakers, they're always a blast! They started in BC in the 80's and are really starting to catch on in the Maritimes. I'll be attending five around Nova Scotia this spring:

Bridgewater, March 20
Wolfville, April 10
Halifax, April 17
Truro, April 24
Middleton, April 30

(Check out Seeds of Diversity for more info on them)

I'm organizing the first ever Middleton event this year, it's tying in with the farmers' market on April 30th. Hope to see you there (whether you have seeds to trade or are looking to get some seeds, it should be fun!).

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  1. Owen Seedy Saturdays sound Fantastic, pity I missed the Middleton one, hopefully I will have a ton of flower seed this Summer if you are looking for flower seeds! I am just beginning to get out of the Tea Room, massive amounts of seed arriving any day now! I am kind of freakin out as I have a ton of flower border to scratch and prepare and I just hate the black fly....why do we have to have black fly Owen?!*! This is Hard Core Gardening, I have to wear a complete hooded jacket, life is not the same behind grey gauze!