Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Mid-Summer Garden

A rainbow over the soybeans:

The recently staked pole bean patch:

Triple Treat Peas:

Russian Sugar Peas:

Golden Sweet Peas (red flowers and edible yellow pods):

Early Wonder Tall Top Beets:


  1. What do you do to keep the varmints out?

  2. I'd say the worst varmints we have are the ever-escaping goats and chickens! The goats head right to the blackberry patch whenever they get loose and the chickens are always scratching the mulch under the tomatoes, burying the seedlings in the process. Luckily it's a big enough garden that a few losses aren't the end of the world.

    We're really lucky when it comes to deer, all the deer in the neighborhood are so timid of humans that they stay away. There are a few nibbles hear and there near the trees but nothing major. I think our dog helps too.

  3. Perhaps I was a bit hasty to declare our garden deer-free. As soon as I posted that response a herd of deer browsed through the peas, soybeans and apple seedlings. Nothing was destroyed but the peas aren't as tall as they used to be. My simple (and so far effective solution) has been to camp out in the garden in a tent once every couple nights. Since starting this routine the deer haven't come back.