Monday, June 28, 2010

New Photos

-An interesting experiment of mine: the potatoes on the left had fresh comfrey leaves buried in the trench with them at planting time, the ones on the right didn't. The comfrey provides a big boost of nitrogen in early spring at a time when not much is available to growing plants due to the cool soil and slow micro-organism activity.

-Green Oakleaf Lettuce

-Shungiku, an edible chrysanthemum.

-This is an exciting new plant: Chinese Salad Mallow. The young leaves like these are tender and great in salads like lettuce, older leaves even make edible bowls.

-A sea of lettuce

-Spinach going to seed


  1. Hey Owen,

    Things look great. What a sea of lettuce!

    Q1) do you have any problems with aphids? My lettuce patch has been irresistible for those pesky little buggers. What do you recommend?

    Q2) Can you take a peek at the last picture on my latest blog post. Its a picture of the pole beans that I planted (lazy housewife/mohawk) and in the middle is a type of pea that I can't remember. I think that I planted them about 5 or 6 weeks ago. They are growing, but Im not sure if they are growing fast enough. Whats your assesment?

  2. Fabulous Owen, still trying to get over to you....SOON

  3. We've been lucky so far with our sea of lettuce, I don't think I've seen a single aphid on them this year. I've heard aphids are generally a much bigger problem in the cities, maybe there are fewer predatory insects or something. In the past I've just rinsed them off with a blast from the hose, if you keep on them you can keep their numbers down.

    The peas are looking great too, they don't look behind at all. Most of mine are about the same size right now, I got mine planted a bit late as well but they'll catch up by the end.