Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dumping Crops at Sea Proposed as Way to Bury Carbon

When I stumble apon articles like this, it's easy to doubt the future of humankind. Apparantly, there is a serious proposal to dump hundreds of millions of tons of stalks and straw in the ocean in the name of carbon sequestration! How have we come to the point where straw is no longer seen as the valuable resouce and source of soil fertily that it is and rather as a waste so dangerous that it needs to be barged out to sea? Nature makes no waste, everything has it's purpose. Why isn't this straw simply being returned to the soil? It could simply be plowed in directly, it could be hauled to the side to be composted, it could be used first as animal bedding, (or it could given to me!), however it gets there just get it back to the soil! Otherwise this would simply exacerbate the severe soil degradation that has already occured from little more than 100 years (a blink of an eye in the Earth's timeframe) of agriculture on North America's prairies.

That's not even mentioning the effects this will surely have on the ocean's ecology.

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